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Starting Point


During your time at Virginia Tech, you will likely conduct research which requires approval from one or more VT research compliance committees and/or safety offices.

Research conducted without appropriate research compliance/safety office approvals is subject to a variety of sanctions, including the required destruction of existing data, loss of the privilege to conduct further research at VT, and graduation postponement for graduate student researchers.

Note to faculty advisors and thesis/dissertation committee members: please provide your graduate students with guidance regarding VT research compliance requirements.


The below tool called Starting Point, serves as a central reference source to assist new faculty, graduate students, and seasoned employees in identifying:

  • which research activities require review and approval by a designated compliance committee or safety office;
  • what information/forms must be submitted to the specific compliance committee or safety office;
  • where additional resource information can be found


  1. Download and review the Overview of Research Compliance Committees and Safety Offices document.
  2. Select within the below Compliance Tool the various elements that will be a part of your research project and then click "Go to Results" at the bottom of the Compliance Tool.
  3. Review the text below the Compliance Tool to learn of the information, training requirements and forms that will be necessary for you to seek approval from the respective compliance committee and/or safety office.

Compliance Tool

Activities Involving
Safety Offices and Other

DISCLAIMER: Each researcher should visit/view the identified compliance committee or safety office homepages for additional information, requirements, and updates. This page is the Starting Point, but it does not constitute the final word.