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Associate Vice President for Research

Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatum:

Things should never be more complicated than they have to be...

Dr. David Moore, Associate Vice President for Research Compliance, has been supporting research and regulatory compliance activities at VT since November 1985.

Non-compliance with federal regulations by one or more researchers at Virginia Tech could result in suspension of all research funding or withdrawal of the privilege to conduct research, as granted by federal regulatory agencies.

Compliance with research regulations and policies is a necessity, but the mechanisms employed to ensure that compliance is achieved should not be overly restrictive or bureaucratic to the point that research cannot be effectively and efficiently conducted. Our professional staff continues to develop and refine more efficient methods for assessing and achieving compliance,facilitating change and improvements, and minimizing, to the greatest extent possible, the time impact and regulatory burden on our clients.

Ut Prosim: That I may serve...

The professionals in the Office of Research Compliance and the Office of Export and Secure Research Compliance provide prompt, courteous, and helpful service to our university clients. They are involved in educating researchers and students on the applicable regulations, and in assisting our clients throughout the review, approval and post-approval process.

Ut Prosim